Coming out of hybernation

It has been one long winter! Anyone else feel like a grisly bear right now?!

The really exciting news is we get to welcome you all back to the CBD layer on the 26th of April as long as we get the go ahead on the 20th from our pal Nikki Sturgeon 🤞

Now the most important questions are, what are you going to get on your nails? what shape and length are you going? Do you start short and grow them out or go instant length?

The good news is we have something for everyone, builder in a bottle gel is definitely still looking as popular as ever as well as the incredible aprés nail system for instant strong claw game!

There’s been a LOT of swirling action going on in the nail art world over the past few months, this is a great look for all as it can be made subtle with minimal swirls in nude shades or out there all the swirls in all the colours of the rainbow 🌈 I know what I’m going for!

Square nails are also making a big ol’ comeback but in my opinion this is really going to be down to how you handle your nails at home, if your going for a long square look, please read our aftercare tips on the website 😂

No matter what you go for we are just delighted to be back doing what we love again and look forward to getting you in our seats for some sweet sweet nail lovin💖

Lots of love Zara

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